life clock
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Life.clock is special. It doesn’t just show the time – it shows your time.
Time enjoyed, time wasted, time left on this planet.

One full revolution of the «hour» hand equals 84 years.
Life.clock is slow, 61360¾ times slower than a normal clock.
But just like life, it keeps ticking incessantly.

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Life.clock – an eye catcher. An ice breaker.
Or simply a reminder of our finite time.



  • Precision temperature-compensated crystal oscillator.
    ± 2 parts per million. Set it once, period.
  • Ultra low power consumption and a long-life Lithium battery.
    One battery will last up to 20 years, according to our calculations.

More information

Life.clock is made by modifying a commercial standard wall clock by hand. The electronics are replaced with a custom-built oscillator designed to be precise and power efficient at the same time.

The dial is replaced with a custom designed piece of art. Its inner ring corresponds with the «hour» hand and shows the number of years, while the outer ring corresponds with the «minute» hand and makes it easier to see the number of (fractional) years since the last major mark.

At the heart of the dial are the seven ages of man, as introduced in the famous Shakespeare poem.